As the first federally regulated cryptocurrency derivatives exchange, LedgerX is proud to have led the way in providing all US investors with the opportunity to trade bitcoin options. In support of that mission, we are the first and only US regulated exchange to feature Minis, which enable individuals to buy and sell options covering just 1% of a bitcoin.

Thanks to the increasing popularity of our Minis, traders can buy and sell options on contracts whose premium can be as low as $1. But while the premium on our contracts can be modest, our 15 cents trading fee per contract (or 25% of the option premium per contract for small trades) can be higher on a percentage basis than what larger trades often cost. Over the last few months, we’ve discussed this issue with some of our most dedicated customers and have appreciated hearing their perspective.

Today, we’re happy to announce that we have listened to this customer feedback and taken action. Effective immediately, fees for all option trades at LedgerX will drop to the lesser of 10 cents per contract or 20% of the option premium per contract. By dropping our standard fee by a nickel to ten cents, we’re putting more money into the pockets of our traders. And as we roll-out several new value-added features this year, it’s our hope that our customers will see more proof that we’re committed to doing everything we can to help them do more with bitcoin.

In the meantime, happy trading.