During these highly volatile times, LedgerX believes that it is more important than ever for bitcoin traders to consider the added flexibility listed BTC options can provide to them. Whether it’s for prudent speculation, mitigating downside risk or generating income from an existing position, effective use of bitcoin options can make a significant difference.

With this view in mind, we are excited to announce our new sign-up bonus program. With this one-time incentive, approved applicants must make a minimum deposit within 30 days of opening their account. Under the program, new account holders will receive $25 if they make a deposit of at least $500 or 0.1 BTC. Alternatively, new account holders will receive $10 if they make a deposit of at least $100 or 0.01 BTC (see other requirements here).

We’re very confident that once individual traders check out LedgerX, they’ll appreciate how using our BTC Mini puts and calls can help them harness volatility in today’s fast moving bitcoin market. For additional insights and information, traders can also check out our Market Data Hub and our blog, In the Money (see here).

About LedgerX

We are the first and only US regulated exchange to feature Minis, which enable individuals to buy and sell options covering just 1% of a bitcoin.

Fees for all option trades at LedgerX are the lesser of 10 cents per contract or 20% of the option premium per contract.

We’re open 24x7x365. That’s right, our customers can trade bitcoin derivatives on our platform at any moment, on any day and at any time. That means weekends and holidays too.