In nearly every investor pitch I do (which is, unfortunately, a ton), I always try to emphasize that LedgerX is an engineering first company. Sure, we do a lot of great financial, regulatory and legal work, but engineering is first.

There is a lot of nodding to that sort of thing until I see the perplexed look on people when it comes up that I still code. “Why would the CEO possibly waste his time with that?” Those reactions are what inspired this blog post. More engineers in the field — not fewer.

It might surprise some, but when I was at MIT — which some consider to be a competent engineering school — engineering was not considered cool. The notion that at one of the premier technical universities in the world, engineering was not considered cool, by its own students, is astonishing.

Approximately half of my fellow computer science majors wanted to be investment bankers, management consultants, or traders (I chose the third of these esteemed options, so I am guilty of this misguided view). When did it become not cool to be an engineer? Let’s make engineering cool again.

I will go on the record that I believe creating the future of finance is going to be an engineering first problem, not a finance first one. “Front office guys” at financial firms look down upon technical folks. That will be their undoing.

We recently announced that we have closed on an $11.4 million Series B round with a great set of investors. To the tier one engineers out there, join us at LedgerX. We are hiring. We can teach you finance, but it’ll be much harder for us to teach you engineering.