I have an incredibly unique perspective, and privileged being both the proud husband of a talented co-founder and the employer of the most senior women in the Bitcoin space.

Here are a few stories about why this was challenging to me as a manager who is a huge fan of the women we employ. Lots of fucking people talk about equality and diversity but that is much easier to do than to practice it. Well, I do and I will talk about it.

Here’s a fucking example. One of my most senior executives, incredibly talented, is going on maternity leave soon. One stupid asshole from a certain organization (a man) had the nerve to ask exactly what date she would be having her upcoming baby.

This is amazingly hilarious to me in so many ways. I would fire all of my potential child bearing people if I didn’t think they were so talented, but man, this kind of thing makes it hard on me.

Diversity works both ways. You need it on both sides of the conversation. I am bringing it on my side,  and I am incredibly proud of it, but really…I have no idea what the fuck the rest of you people do.

My wife and I have been around this world long enough to get it. We are not the best duck hunters in the world. We are not white. We do not schmooze at FIA or some other loser conference you guys put on. We don’t go to the nicest lunches in DC (right, mike gill?). But we try to do the right thing and if that is lost on people then so be it. I’m sick of people treating the women of LedgerX the way they do and I will make sure it never happens again.

There are so many wrong things in DC and I intend to fix it one way or another. For those who ever upset the women at LedgerX with their nonsense, I will go after them and make their lives miserable. Mark my words.